How to Share Files between Android Devices over WiFi

Published on Jun. 29, 2016 Last updated on Aug. 20, 2018

Mention sharing files between Android devices, many people would think about using Bluetooth. However, sharing files over Bluetooth would be a little slow. It will cost us a lot of time to wait for the completion of files transfer, especially when transferring large amounts of files. Living in such a fast-paced world today, most of us are no longer willing to choose such a files transfer method. So we figured out a faster way to share files between Android devices. Read on to get it.

To transfer files between Android devices quickly, the best way is using the WiFi network. How to share files between Android devices over WiFi? Here we recommend you to use a handy file transfer app – AirTrans.

Developed by OSToto Company, AirTrans is a reliable and user-friendly utility to make file transfer and sharing easier and faster. It is a cross-platform tool, so no matter your devices are using Windows, Android system or iOS, it can be applied to. Besides, no cables and data usage are required.

How to get the AirTrans?

To get the AirTrans, click here to visit its official website. And then download it according to your operating system.

How to share files between Android devices over WiFi by using AirTrans?

In the first place, you need to install the AirTrans on both of the Android devices. Then connect them to the same WiFi. After that, take the following steps.

Step 1. Launch the AirTrans on the Android device which is about to send files and click on the Send button.


Step 2. Select the files to share and click OK.


Step 3. Launch the AirTrans on the Android device which is about to receive the files and click on the Receive button.

Step 4. Select the name of the Android device which sends files to pair with it.

After the pairing is complete, the files will be shared between the two devices. Its transfer speed is up to 10 MB/s, which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. The transmission is usually completed in a few minutes.

It is so easy to share files between Android devices over WiFi, right? What’more, with AirTrans, you can share any types of files including photos, videos, music, and documents without size restrictions. No more worrying about not being able to transfer large files. What are you waiting for? Let’s install the AirTrans to enjoy the fast and easy file sharing experience right now.


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